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Aims / objectives

  • By the end of the course participants will:
  • Have an overview of the different types and methods of contraception
  • Understand the contraindications to current methods of contraception
  • Have an awareness of potential side effects and monitoring required, of current methods of contraception
  • Have an awareness of what influences a women's choice of contraceptive methods
  • Have an awareness of methods of emergency contraception and their availability 'out of hours'
  • Have an awareness of common sexual health infections
  • Understand issues relating to consent and confidentiality especially in relation to young people
  • Be aware of the NMC code of professional conduct in relation to scope of professional practice

Course programme

  • Oral methods of contraception
  • Long Acting Reversible contraception
  • Barrier and natural contraception methods
  • Emergency contraception
  • Working with young people, sex and the law
  • Contraception for Women over 40
  • Post natal contraception
  • Contraception Services & Patient Group Directions: What's out there
  • Sexually transmitted infections an overview
  • Chlamydia screening
  • Practical Session Contraceptive workstations
  • Discussion and Evaluation

Led by


A86 Contraception and sexual health workshop for the primary care practitioner

Course summary

This course had been designed to give participants an overview of the current methods of fertility control and the risks and benefits of different methods. The course will prepare clinicians to support appropriately qualified staff in monitoring women taking hormonal contraception and giving basic advice. Emergency contraception choices will also be discussed.

Who should attend?

Practice nurses,
Health visitors,
School nurses,
Health promotion and youth workers

Important notes

Morning and afternoon refreshments provided. Certificate of attendance, all course material and evaluations included.

Completion of this course is not a guarantee of competency. Support and practice in the workplace with an experienced facilitator is required to attain competence level.


Course duration Course CPD Full price
(incl VAT) per person
2 day(s) 14 hour(s) £300


Dates Block size Block
Individual discount
02 May 2019 to 03 May 2019 4 10% n/a
08 May 2019 to 10 May 2019 4 10% n/a
10 Oct 2019 to 11 Oct 2019 4 10% n/a

Dates / venues

Location - venue Dates No. of people  
London - Guy's Campus 02 May 2019 to
03 May 2019
London - Guy's Campus 08 May 2019 to
10 May 2019
London - To Be Announced 10 Oct 2019 to
11 Oct 2019