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Aims / objectives

  • Learn and use the principles of taking a safe, structured patient history.
  • Be able to apply physical examination techniques in an appropriate manner for each of the major body systems.
  • Perform a complete structured physical examination.
  • Identify normal and common abnormal findings encountered while conducting a patient examination.
  • Document findings in a clear, concise manner.

Course programme

  • History taking and practice.
  • Physical examination techniques.
  • Examination of skin.
  • Assessment of hair, nails, face, neck and ENT.
  • Respiratory system examination and practice.
  • Cardiovascular/peripheral vascular examination and practice.
  • Abdominal system examination and practice.
  • Examination of the eye and practice.
  • Mental health/neurological assessment and practice.
  • Musculoskeletal examination and practice.
  • Documentation of findings.
  • Structured physical examination demonstration and practice.
  • Physical examination test outs.
  • NB: support in the workplace with an experienced facilitator such as a GP or advanced practice nurse is strongly advised.
  • Required skills for NMPs and all advanced practice nurses!

Led by


A03 Five-day patient assessment skills workshop


Course summary

This five-day programme provides practitioners with a springboard for diagnostic proficiency and clinical decision making. After studying basic history taking and physical examination techniques, you will have the opportunity to perform a complete physical examination reflecting clinical practice requirements and helping to develop all-round confidence.

In-house option: tailor-made patient assessment skills workshops. We can design a one-to-10-day programme with you, matching staff needs, patient requirements and available resources.

Completion of this course does not qualify the attendee as an advanced practitioner but is the first step in expanding practice, leading to a more autonomous role.

Who should attend?

All registered nurses
Nurse practitioners
District nurses
Health visitors
Modern matrons
Community matrons
Allied health professionals such as pharmacists and paramedics
Occupational health nurses
Medical students

Important notes

Equipment, course materials, evaluation and certificate of attendance.
Morning and afternoon refreshments.
Quality assurance: hands-on workshop; maximum student to trainer ratio: 12 to one.
RCN accreditation does not guarantee clinical competence. This must be developed in the workplace.


Course duration Course CPD Full price
(incl VAT) per person
5 day(s) 35 hour(s) £650


Dates Block size Block
Individual discount
16 Apr 2018 to 20 Apr 2018 4 10% n/a
25 Jun 2018 to 29 Jun 2018 4 10% n/a
10 Sep 2018 to 14 Sep 2018 4 10% n/a

Dates / venues

Location - venue Dates No. of people  
London - Guy's Campus 16 Apr 2018 to
20 Apr 2018
London - Guy's Campus 25 Jun 2018 to
29 Jun 2018
London - To Be Announced 10 Sep 2018 to
14 Sep 2018