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AR127 Acute wound management for urgent & primary care practitioners (includes treatment for infection): Face to Face

Course summary

This workshop provides attendees with core knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of acute wounds and infections. Some minor clinical procedures commonly used in general practice, minor injury units, urgent care and walk-in centres are included. Practitioners will gain experience in suturing and other wound closure techniques, as well as how to review and when to refer different wound, burn and infection presentations.

Who should attend?

Junior doctors
Nurse practitioners
Practice nurses
School nurses
Allied health professionals

Important notes

Equipment, course materials, evaluation and certificate of attendance
Morning and afternoon refreshments

The course runs from 10:00am- 4:30pm

Completion of this course is not a guarantee of competency. Support and practice in the workplace with an experienced facilitator is required to attain competence level.


Course duration Course CPD Full price (incl VAT) per person
1 day(s) 7 hour(s) £240


Dates Block size Block discount
28/06/2024 4 10%
26/09/2024 4 10%
28/11/2024 4 10%

Dates / venues

Location - venue Dates No. of people
London - Guy's Campus, Guy's Hospital 28/06/2024
London - To Be Confirmed 26/09/2024
London - To Be Confirmed 28/11/2024

Aims / objectives

  • Understand the principles of analgesia.
  • Have the foundation skills to build on for the application of digital nerve blocks
  • Feel more competent to manage digital fractures
  • Assess and manage a variety of conditions affecting nails.
  • Be familiar with proper wound assessment, closure and management.
  • Have acquired the basic foundation skills for developing competency in performing some minor clinical procedures.

Course programme

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  • Local analgesia
  • Types/safe levels
  • Local infiltration
  • Digital nerve block (demo & practice)
  • Discuss principles of reduction of digital fracture and dislocation
  • Discuss management of common nail presentations:
  • Subungal haematoma/trephining
  • Avulsed nails
  • Discuss methods of removal of foreign bodies from ear/eye/nose/skin/subungual
  • Discuss management of localised infections:
  • Paronychia
  • Assessment of minor abscesses including when to refer.
  • Assessment and management of minor burns including appropriate referral
  • Demonstrate acute wound closure principles and techniques:
  • Simple, interrupted sutures - demo/practice
  • Staples/tissue adhesive/steristrips: demo/practice

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