Our healthcare courses make everyone better
All for one and one for all
Everyone wins when you invest in your staff: your organisation benefits from having a better-trained workforce; they in turn feel valued and encouraged to further their professional development.

Join forces to run in-house courses
Not enough staff for an in-house event? Simply team up with other healthcare providers and spread the cost.

For further information or a quote, email us or call 023 9250 1428.

How to book a Practitioner Development UK in-house course
Contact us to discuss your particular training needs.
2 Plan your programme We’ll work together to devise the right course for your team, at the right price.
3 Peruse our written proposal, which outlines the terms and conditions.
4 Sign and return the proposal and we’ll put the date/s in the diary.

In-house courses

Our tailor-made in-house courses are the ideal way to train groups of staff

Choose a training venue and date to suit your staff with our cost-effective in-house courses. Training your team on site is the most convenient way to meet their CPD requirements and ensure they stay at the top of their game, while getting to the heart of your training needs.

We can offer any of our scheduled courses as in-house packages or you can mix and match from our portfolio, designing a bespoke course to meet your specific needs. Whichever you choose, our workshops are tailored to your requirements and will help your team reach their personal and professional goals.

Workshops at the workplace

Providing maximum impact with minimum disruption (no travelling time), Practitioner Development UK's in-house courses bring the training to you. Our bespoke in-house workshops will keep your staff abreast of the latest changes in practice and government policy, enabling them to respond quickly while meeting client needs.

In-house courses: the small print

Choose your course

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All scheduled courses can be delivered in-house. To view these programmes click here